Canon Balle revives and interrogates the theatrical ‘canon’ through performances of radically adapted classics. We amplify the voices of female artists, queer artists and artists of color who retell canonical stories and dare to see their own humanity within them. We make art that confronts the tension between our love of classical theatre and our awareness of its biases with wit, imagination, and rigor.

We are thrilled to invite you to the Cabaret to hear old stories as new stories and our stories as your stories.



Our productions incite bold responses in our audiences and ask them to consider difficult questions: “What draws us to the classics? What disturbs us about the classics? Why? Can we move past our artistic history? Do we want to?”


It is not a coincidence that we have devised a season of adaptations by female playwrights, queer playwrights, and playwrights of color. We revel in the heterogeneity of the identities and artistic aesthetics of our company.


Our season engages in theatrical revival in the truest sense of the word: bringing vivid artistry, contemporary perspectives, and renewed consciousness to the classics.


We relish the chance to put on plays that obsess us, plays that seduce us and plays that infuriate us. And we are confident that this enthusiasm will delight our audiences.